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Air Drain Blaster Air Pressure Pump Drain Opener Unclogs Toilets Sinks

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Product Description


Air Drain Blaster is a Drain Opener uses air pressure with a pump action uses air pressure to unclog drains.   

The perfect remedy to a clogged drain, and the easy solution on how to unclog a drain. The Drain Opener is a Plunger that uses pump action to pump air to aid in unclogging a toilet, or to solve the problems of a clogged sink, or clogged tub. Drain Blaster, Drain Opener uses air pressure with a pump action uses air pressure to unclog drains.    The perfect remedy to a clogged drain, and the easy solution to clogged drains in toilets, sinks, tubs, and more.

Air Drain Blaster is useful Unclog Toilets, Unlcog Sinks, Unclog Tubs with the air pressure pump drain opener without any chemicals.  Just uses air pressure.

Air Drain Blaster, Drain Opener is a powerful solution to clogged drains, and an easy way to unclog a toilet, unclog a sink, or unclog a tub.

Air Drain Blaster, Air Pump Drain Opener uses Air Pressure to Clear Clogged Drains in Toilets, Sinks, Tubs, etc

The Powerful Plunger's Pumping Action of the air drain blaster, drain opener, Clears Clogged Drains Quickly and Easily and Without Any Harsh Chemicals and Saves the Enviroment.

Air Drain Blaster, is a Drain opener Has Two Cup Sizes, large one for Toilets, and the Small One for Sinks.

Clear Away tough clogs with the Air Drain Blaster, Air Pressure Pump Drain Opener, Power Plunger! The Plunging Action of the air drain blaster Uses Air Pressure to clear the clogs.

The Air Pressure Pump Air Drain Blaster, Drain Opener De-Clogs. is an easy way to unlogging a toilet,  and helps to

Unclog Toilets

Unclog Sinks

Unclog Bathtubs

Unclog Drains

Unclog Shower Stalls

and More!

Air Drain Blaster has Two Cup Sizes: Large for Toilets and larger openings, and the Small one for Sinks, etc.

Item Conditon: NEW

Size of : Approx 17" Long

Features of the air drain blaster, air pressure pump drain opener:

Powerful Suction Clears Away Tough Clogs.

Durable, Easy-To-Use Design.

The Drain Opener has Two Interchangable Plunger-Heads.

For use on Toilets, Bathtubs, Showers, Sinks and Drains.

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